About EuroSoccerAdvice The Next Generation

Intermediary and with a football heart and grass between the teeth

The Next Generation is not just a term. Every day we are busy with the talented players, people will cheer for in the future. With girls and boys who have something extra and who want to do everything to reach the next level. Together we determine the future.

Football is a team sport. You train together, deal with disappointments as a group and celebrate victory together. Yet the competition is huge. How do you make sure that you are there when you have to? As a player you want to work on perfecting your technique, your physical and mental condition and you want to be of value for the team. How do you tackle all of that at the same time?

We want you to get the most out of your career and are happy to take other matters off your hands. On the other hand we are also honest about the (im)possibilities and the disadvantages of the choices you face. What impact does a new step have and what opportunities does it provide for you and those around you? Curious about the team behind EuroSoccerAdvice and behind you?

Team EuroSoccerAdvice

Dirk van Burik


In thirty-five years I have experienced quite a lot in the football  business. As a central defender of Ajax, NAC, FC Utrecht and Hertha BSC, among others, but also in my role as an agent. Experiencing ups and downs together as a team, that intensity is not to compare with anything. Full stadiums, injuries, transfers and the fact that everyone has an opinion about you. It is fantastic to support the established players and young/new talents as best as possible in their football career together with the professionals of EuroSoccerAdvice.

Richard Stricker


As a football player my position was on the right wing and as central defender. I played for FC Den Bosch and Telstar, among others. During my career I performed all kinds of functions  for different clubs , from Head of Youth Training to Technical Manager and from Youth Trainer to Head Coach of the first team: FC Den Bosch, PSV Eindhoven, FC Volendam, Royal Antwerp FC and Sparta Rotterdam. I put my soul and bliss in everything I did. And I still do after 29 years. I work very hard for the talents I supervise. Football and my family are my life. Warmth, trust and honesty are important to me, especially in the tough world of football. The same goes for EuroSoccerAdviceand that makes us a strong team.

Oswald Snip


For me, football is a lifestyle.  After my active career as a football player, in which I was allowed to play professional football at HFC Haarlem, FC Den Bosch, Top Oss and VVV Venlo, I wanted to delve into recognizing talent and further developing this talent.  This started as a youth trainer in the academy of FC Volendam and developed by visiting and analyzing many football matches at home and abroad.  I then started working for myself as an Intermediary where I was affiliated with a UK-based agency.  As a "connector" loyalty, honesty and quality are of paramount importance to me. Together with the Euro Soccer Advice family, I like to use my passion and experience to help the talents of tomorrow become the best version of themselves.

Sergiño Cruden


I have been occupied with football every day since I was young. I played football in the youth of FC Utrecht and for amateur clubs such as SV Lelystad, VV Unicum and ASC Waterwijk. When I was 17 I was already interested in scouting and coaching players. This interest and love for the sport have led me to what I do now with great pleasure, coaching talents at EuroSoccerAdvice.

Dennis Nederlof


Football is pure, positive energy. That is why I have been involved in the sport for 30 years, as a player and 16 years as a goalkeeper coach. When I was 8 I started as a football player for Ajax, but it did not take long before I became the goalkeeper. I played for HFC Haarlem and various amateur clubs and was later involved as a goalkeeper trainer/coach for clubs such as Ajax, AZ and Volendam. My involvement is still the same. I will always be there for our players, that is what our talents and their families can rely on.

Gerard Timmers


To me football means friendship, equality, development and winning. From the age of 16 I fell in love with futsal/indoor soccer and soon I was selected for national futsal/indoor soccer teams. In 1989, the Netherlands became 2nd at the Futsal/indoor soccer World Cup. I was the goalkeeper for the O23 team and trained all year with the World Cup team. In addition to many beautiful moments as a player, I also experienced them later as a trainer, coach, sports manager and talent scout. As a football agent I stimulate autonomy and a growth mindset, so that players are intrinsically motivated to develop to the maximum. Both as a player and as a person. That means customization, transparency, unconditional support and cooperation with the players, clubs and stakeholders.