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Recognized by KNVB, FA, DFB, FIGC and RBFA

International football intermediary EuroSoccerAdvice The Next Generation (ESA) coaches male and female football players in every phase of their football career. We are acquainted with the work field, we have both feet on the ground and we have a clear goal in mind. We are transparent, familiar and reliable. We believe in a total approach when it comes to developing talent. Our agents and talent scouts have been finding the connection between football clubs and football talent for decades, always with the player in mind first.

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International football intermediary ESA guides male and female football players from the beginning of their career in every step they  take. Our experienced team of former football players, football scouts and player counselors considers its players as family. We go for the long term. It’s about a career, not just a single season.

Business transactions
As an agent, we close the deal between players and clubs. We scout, make contacts, conduct negotiations and take care of the necessary paperwork. We believe in the click and in a fair deal for both parties. ESA offers contract mediation for transfers, financial guidance and legal advice.

Every football player has his or her own challenges. On the field and beyond. Your private situation largely determines your success within the lines. Enough examples to be found. Unfortunately, that factor is too often underexposed. Our total approach includes physical, mental and technical guidance.

Talent coaching
Football players are in development throughout their careers. The form of the day, team composition, trainer, opponents and physical and mental health are just a few variables that determine whether a player can convert his or her talent into a successful football career. In addition to talent, perseverance and a healthy body are of great importance at that age. We guide our talents throughout their career and beyond.


Male football players
Our football family is growing, not only in size, but also in individual quality. We are taking great steps on the national and international fields. Our players can be found in the Keuken Kampioen Divisie and the Eredivisie, but also in countries such as Belgium, Germany and Italy. New talents keep emerging. Experienced players, some of whom we have had the privilege of guiding throughout their careers, will find new challenges at every level.

Female football players
Female football is developing rapidly and is on the rise. More and more young talents are signing up. We also notice this at ESA. At the moment we are proud that we can coach six female players between the ages of 18 and 23. Inspiring girls with a clear goal in mind and with the ambition to get the best out of their career. We learn from and with each other and share knowledge and experiences. That automatically creates that special family feeling.

Veel Beter fysio
Staying at home, resting and waiting for your injury to disappear is not an option. Veel Beter fysio believes that you should do everything you can to heal optimally. This physio uses its own treatment vision: result-oriented and substantiated. You go out ‘Much Better’ than you came in.


Sci Sports
The platform for recruitment, analysis and next gen data in the football world. With 180,000 affiliated players, active in 250 competitions around the world, both football clubs and agencies benefit from this knowledge organization every day.