Transparency and honesty ensure trust and long-term success

We represent the interests of male and female football players. Boys and girls, talents and experienced players. We are one big family. The starting point is customization, in the field of business, physical and mental guidance. As a football intermediate we aim for the long term. It’s about a career, not a single match.


Every male and female football player has his or her own challenges and goals. With our total approach, we ensure that every player receives customized support. From extra training to mental guidance and from lifestyle coaching to physiotherapy. Our network of specialists is part of the family. The lines are short and the contact is intensive. Our expertise, your profit.


Extra football training
Physical workouts
Nutritional advice
Mental guidance
Lifestyle coaching

As an agent, we close the deal between male and female players and clubs. We scout, make contacts, conduct negotiations and take care of the necessary paperwork. We believe in the click and in a fair deal for both parties. ESA offers contract mediation for transfers, financial guidance and legal advice.


Contract mediation
Transfer Guidance
Financial guidance
Legal advice

Veel Beter fysio
Staying at home, resting and waiting for your injury to disappear is not an option. Veel Beter fysio believes that you should do everything you can to heal optimally. This physio uses its own treatment vision: result-oriented and substantiated. You go out ‘Much Better’ than you came in.

Josette van Toor
With the right, person-oriented nutrition, you prevent or combat complaints such as reduced resistance, fatigue, gastrointestinal problems and even injuries. Josette helps athletes get a better grip on their diet and get the most out of themselves.

Amplify Sports
You will find everything you need to exercise optimally and recover optimally at Amplify Sports. Products and services from leading brands for top athletes who want to get the most out of their career every day. From athletes, for athletes.

Sci Sports
The platform for recruitment, analysis and next gen data in the football world. With 180,000 affiliated players, active in 250 competitions around the world, both football clubs and agencies benefit from this knowledge organization every day.

You can compare players and teams within 10 seconds with the Comparisonator. A football data comparison tool to make better and more efficient decisions by comparing data around the world and in 271 different leagues. Knowledge is power.

SocialBT ensures that you as a player or organization are professionally represented on social media and through digital marketing. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are provided with the right posts and reactions within your style.


InStat is a sports performance analysis specialist, providing professional tools for the evaluation and scouting of individual and team performance. Fitness analytics and in-house panoramic film technology at FIFA’s highest level.